The authors of »Git«

Bernd Öggl

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Bernd Öggl is an experienced system administrator and web developer. Since 2001 he has been creating websites for customers, implementing individual development projects, and passing on his knowledge at conferences and in publications.

Michael Kofler

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Michael Kofler studied telematics at Graz University of Technology and is one of the most successful German-language IT specialist authors. In addition to Linux, his areas of expertise include IT security, Python, Swift, Java, and the Raspberry Pi. He is a developer, advises companies, and works as a lecturer.
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Current titles

  • Cover of Docker

    Practical Guide for Developers and DevOps Teams

    Bernd Öggl, Michael Kofler

    496 pages, paperback

    Learn the ins and outs of containerization in Docker with this practical guide! Begin by installing and setting up the platform. Then master the basics: get to know important terminology, understand how to run containers, and set up port redirecting More about the book

    approx. $44.99

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    Available on 01/26/2023

    E-book | Print edition | Bundle
    • Get hands-on practice with Docker, from setup to orchestration
    • Work with Dockerfiles, the docker compose command, GitLab, and Docker Hub
    • Learn about project migration, security, Kubernetes, and more
    • Consult and download practical code examples