The authors of »Full Stack Development with SAP«

Rene Glavanovits

Photo of Rene Glavanovits
Rene Glavanovits is an SAP consultant and developer at CloudDNA GmbH, an SAP partner in Austria. He specializes in the latest SAP technologies, specifically in the development of full-stack applications with SAP Fiori, SAPUI5, OData, CDS, and  SAP Cloud Application Programming Model.

Martin Koch

Photo of Martin Koch
Martin Koch is managing director of CloudDNA GmbH. He and his team conduct training for SAP and have developed four of their own training courses on the topics of SAPUI5, SAP Fiori, cloud integration, and cloud security, which are listed in the SAP training catalogue. In addition to his work as a trainer, Martin Koch works as an architect, consultant, and developer for international SAP customers of all company sizes.

Daniel Krancz

Photo of Daniel Krancz
Daniel Krancz is a software developer and consultant at CloudDNA GmbH. His focus is full-stack development with SAPUI5, SAP Fiori, OData, SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, as well mobile development.

Maximilian Olzinger

Photo of Maximilian Olzinger
Maximilian Olzinger is a software developer and consultant at CloudDNA GmbH. He is an SAP Certified Development Associate and has handled projects for companies in all industries with great success. He conducts trainings in the areas of SAP Fiori, ABAP and web development. He has developed several SAP standard trainings for SAP Fiori.
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Current titles

  • Cover of Security and Authorizations for SAP Business Technology Platform

    Security and Authorizations for SAP Business Technology Platform

    Martin Koch, Siegfried Zeilinger

    355 pages, hardcover

    Learn what it takes to protect SAP Business Technology Platform! Walk through the cloud security mechanisms of SAP BTP (formerly SAP Cloud Platform). See how to set up users and permissions for your unique circumstances and configure secure connection to More about the book

    from $84.99


    E-book | Print edition | Bundle
    • Configure security for the Neo and Cloud Foundry environments
    • Set up secure connections with the cloud connector
    • Protect key cloud services like SAP Business Application Studio and SAP Integration Suite
  • Cover of Cloud Connector for SAP

    Cloud Connector for SAP

    Martin Koch, Siegfried Zeilinger

    352 pages, hardcover

    Establish quick and secure communication between your cloud and on-premise systems with SAP Connectivity service’s cloud connector! Set up and configure the cloud connector, from performing sizing to implementing connectivity APIs. Link on-premise SAP products to SAP BTP and its More about the book

    from $84.99


    E-book | Print edition | Bundle
    • Install and configure the cloud connector for SAP
    • Set up connections for common use cases, including Cloud Integration, SAP Business Application Studio, SAP Web IDE, and SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition
    • Run the cloud connector securely, monitor errors, configure principal propagation, and more
  • Cover of SAP Fiori Elements

    SAP Fiori Elements
    Development and Extensibility

    Rene Glavanovits, Martin Koch, Daniel Krancz, Maximilian Olzinger

    413 pages, hardcover

    Take the guesswork out of app development with this comprehensive guide! Learn how to use SAP Fiori elements to develop SAP Fiori applications with minimal coding. Walk through the basics of SAP Fiori elements, including the OData standard, programming models, More about the book

    from $84.99


    E-book | Print edition | Bundle
    • Create SAP Fiori applications with floorplan templates
    • Follow step-by-step instructions to build overview pages, list reports, worklists, analytical list pages, and object pages
    • Deploy and extend SAP Fiori elements applications
  • Cover of SAP Build

    SAP Build
    No-Code Development, Centralized Access, and Process Automation

    Rene Glavanovits, Gernot Haider, Martin Koch, Daniel Krancz

    801 pages, hardcover

    The new SAP Build is here—dive into its tools for low-code and no-code development! Looking for a new development environment to create full stack applications? Learn how to implement SAP Build Apps! Need better tools to design and build a More about the book

    approx. $84.99

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    Available on 05/29/2024

    E-book | Print edition | Bundle
    • Develop low-code and no-code applications with SAP Build Apps
    • Create centralized business sites with SAP Build Work Zone
    • Automate workflow processes with SAP Build Process Automation