Implement event-driven architecture in your SAP landscape!

Event-Driven Architecture with SAP






124 pages, E-book formats: EPUB, MOBI, PDF, online
ISBN 978-1-4932-2165-3
Build an end-to-end event-driven landscape! Start with the basics: Understand different types of events and the event-driven model. Then explore the SAP Business Technology Platform services, such as SAP Event Mesh, which support event-driven architecture. Learn to enable and configure events in SAP S/4HANA, SAP ERP, SAP Ariba, and more. Jumpstart your own architecture with use cases, sample applications, and best practices!
  • Learn about events and event-driven architecture design
  • Configure event enablement for SAP event sources
  • Explore tools like SAP Event Mesh, SAP Integration Suite, SAP Discovery Center

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Martin Bachmann received his degree in mechanical engineering at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen/Nurnberg and joined SAP in 1997 as a developer in the area of SAP PLM.

Karsten Strothmann is a product manager and evangelist for SAP Event Mesh at SAP SE in Walldorf, Germany.

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