The authors of »Developing Groovy Scripts for SAP Cloud Platform Integration«

Vadim Klimov

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Dr. Vadim Klimov is an SAP integration architect, responsible for the design and optimization of integration solutions, and the evolution of integration capabilities in customer SAP landscapes, using hybrid technologies stacks that include products like SAP Process Orchestration and SAP Cloud Platform Integration. He has worked with SAP software since 2005. 
In the last decade, his focus has been on SAP integration technologies. He is an SAP alumni and worked in an SAP Active Global Support team from 2010 to 2015, helping SAP Premium Engagement customers plan, technically audit, performance tune, and optimize their SAP landscapes. He specialized in SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java, SAP Java Virtual Machine, SAP integration products (SAP Exchange Infrastructure, SAP Process Integration, SAP Process Orchestration), and technologies like RFC, ALE/IDocs, and enterprise services/enterprise SOA.

Eng Swee Yeoh

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Eng Swee Yeoh is an integration architect, specializing in SAP integration, particularly using SAP Process Orchestration and SAP Cloud Platform Integration. He studied electrical engineering at University of Malaya, Malaysia. After spending a few years as an engineer in the electronics industry, he ventured into IT as an ABAP consultant in 2005 and never looked back. A self-professed nerd at heart, he loves digging into the details of how things work, and then sharing it with a wider community. His knowledge-sharing activities include publishing online articles, speaking at SAP TechEd, and authoring open-source SAP Process Integration/SAP Process Orchestration and SAP Cloud Platform Integration solutions. 
Eng Swee is also an SAP Mentor, a role where he collaborates closely with SAP product and development teams to influence SAP's product direction.