The authors of »Designing Dashboards with SAP Analytics Cloud«

Erik Bertram

Photo of Erik Bertram
Erik Bertram started his professional career at SAP in 2016, where he worked as a JavaScript developer within the planning area of SAP Analytics Cloud. Today, he leads the Operations and Services team of the SAP Business Technology Platform Experience organization. Before joining SAP, Erik received his PhD in Theoretical Astrophysics from Heidelberg University. Since 2020, he has been a professor of digital business management at Fresenius University in Heidelberg.

James Charlton

Photo of James Charlton
James Charlton has been a technical writer for over 25 years, spending most of that time on user assistance at SAP. He has written extensively for applications in the data modeling, business intelligence, and predictive analytics fields. James is a specialist in writing and designing UI text, and an experienced educator of people-centric writing for designers and developers.

Nina Hollender

Photo of Nina Hollender
Nina Hollender joined SAP in 2011 and is an experienced user researcher in the SAP Business Technology Platform Experience organization at SAP. She has conducted various user research projects in the analytics area, ranging from agile to advanced analytics. She is passionate about learning from the different users of SAP’s products. Before joining SAP, Nina conducted research on information processing in online learning environments and holds a PhD in psychology.

Melanie Holzapfel

Photo of Melanie Holzapfel
Melanie Holzapfel is a certified IBCS consultant and works as Data Scientist in the SAP Business Technology Platform Experience organization at SAP. Since she joined in 2019, she has been responsible for analyzing customer feedback in order to increase adoption and to improve the products. She is an expert in building dashboards that increase efficiency and enable data-driven and confident decision-making. Before her professional career at SAP, she studied physics at the Heidelberg University and at the University of York.

Nico Licht

Photo of Nico Licht
Nico Licht is an experienced designer (interaction design, design thinking, media production) with more than 20 years of design experience. He also has more than 10 years of software development experience, and more than 5 years of cloud software development leadership experience in the field of analytics, data management, and planning. Nico led the SAP Analytics Cloud UX Design team throughout the whole product lifecycle from early concepts to mass adoption. Today, he serves as the VP of design for SAP Business Technology Platform, leading a global team of domain experts (user experience, user assistance, service design and design operations). Nico has a background in advertising and studied audiovisual media, interaction design and documentary film in Stuttgart, Sunderland, and Toronto.

Carmen Paduraru

Photo of Carmen Paduraru
Carmen Paduraru joined SAP in 2015 working on SAP HANA administration topics and has been engaging with users to understand their workflows, use cases, and ultimately their experience with the SAP HANA tools and SAP Analytics Cloud. She strongly believes that a research and design-led development is the best way to achieve an optimal user experience. She studied at the University of Bern and her background is in experimental psycholinguistics. Before joining SAP, she worked on quantitative research projects designing studies, collecting data, analyzing, and visualizing it.
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