Rethink your approach to SAP projects!

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Design Thinking with SAP

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80 pages, E-book formats: EPUB, MOBI, PDF, online
2018-05, ISBN 978-1-4932-1703-8
The best designers ask the right questions: What challenges are users facing? What do users really need? Learn to approach design systematically in your SAP setup with design thinking! Discover how SAP tools and technologies support the design thinking methodology, from SAP Build, to SAP Leonardo, to SAP Fiori. Walk through complete workshops to learn, step-by-step, how to use design thinking to develop SAP applications and facilitate business innovation.
  • Understand the SAP design thinking methodology, tools, and processes
  • Learn to organize and facilitate workshops
  • See design thinking in action: walk through workshops for SAP UX design and SAP business innovation

Anne Johnson is an SAP consultant at KMD, specializing in SAP design thinking and user experience. She attained her master's degree in digital design and communication from Aarhus University, and has since dedicated her professional career to helping people adopt user-centric design methodologies.

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