The authors of »Data Provisioning for SAP HANA«

Megan Cundiff

Photo of Megan Cundiff
Megan Cundiff is a data and analytics consultant at Protiviti where she works with clients from all industries to understand complex business challenges and implement end-to-end business intelligence solutions. She is particularly interested in helping clients manage and leverage their data to make smarter, faster business decisions. She specializes in data modelling, ETL, data quality, dashboard development, and visualization approaches.

Vernon Gomes

Photo of Vernon Gomes
Vernon Gomes is a former IT industry systems administrator turned BI consultant. He is currently a senior consultant at Protiviti for data and analytics and is using his IT experience to assist clients in developing BI and cloud solutions. He specializes in ETL, analytics, and system architecture.

Russell Lamb

Photo of Russell Lamb
Russell Lamb is a manager at Protiviti. He has dedicated his career to implementing end-to-end business intelligence solutions for numerous organizations in a variety of environments. Originally focusing on enterprise data modeling and ETL architecture, Russ has spent the last several years specializing in empowering organizations to use SAP HANA by enhancing their enterprise data warehouses, analyzing previously unwieldy SAP ERP tables, cleansing and storing SaaS-sourced CRM data, and extending their landscape into the cloud. His diverse experience has resulted in numerous ASUG and SAP speaking engagements on topics ranging from SAP Data Services to cloud architecture best practices.

Don Loden

Photo of Don Loden
Don Loden is a managing director of data and analytics at Protiviti, with full lifecycle data warehouse and information governance experience in multiple industries. He is an SAP Certified Application Associate of SAP Data Services, and he is very active in the SAP community, speaking globally at numerous SAP and ASUG conferences and events. He has more than 18 years of information technology experience in the following areas: ETL architecture, development, and tuning; logical and physical data modeling; and mentoring on data warehouse, data quality, information governance, and ETL concepts. He is the author of three books and twelve articles on data management topics.

Vinay Suneja

Photo of Vinay Suneja
Vinay Suneja is a manager at Protiviti with more than five years of experience in implementing analytic solutions for clients in the retail, utilities, public sector, and banking industries. He is proficient with SAP BusinessObjects BI/SAW BW as well as big data technologies including SAP Lumira, SAP HANA, and Hadoop. He has been a speaker at multiple SAP analytics conferences.
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  • Cover of Creating SAP HANA Information Views

    Creating SAP HANA Information Views

    Jonathan Haun, Chris Hickman, Don Loden, Roy Wells

    70 pages

    The best way to understand your data is to analyze it. SAP HANA's information views can help you do exactly long as you know how to create them! This E-Bite will walk you through the different types of information More about the book



    • Model data in SAP HANA with attribute, analytic, and calculation views
    • Get to know the properties of information views and how to define them
    • Learn how to build both graphical and script-based calculation views