Build multisource universes with the Information Design Tool (IDT)!

Cover of Data Federation with Multisource Universes in SAP BusinessObjects BI Cover of Data Federation with Multisource Universes in SAP BusinessObjects BI

Data Federation with Multisource Universes in SAP BusinessObjects BI



74 pages, E-book formats: EPUB, MOBI, PDF, online
2016-01, ISBN 978-1-4932-1381-8

From the book: Universe Design with SAP BusinessObjects BI
If you've got a galaxy of data, you know that sometimes a single-source universe just doesn't do the job. In this E-Bite, learn how to use the Information Design Tool to create multisource joins, derived tables, federated tables, pre- and post-filters, and more. Then put it all together to understand how to use data federation in union, mixed source, and data quality scenarios. Wield the IDT for all your multisource needs!
  • Create multisource joins and derived tables
  • Define federated tables, including mapping rules and pre- and post-filters
  • Explore examples of union, mixed source, and data quality scenarios

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»Federate data from various sources in real time!«

Christian Ah-Soon has worked for SAP BusinessObjects BI for 13 years as a program manager in areas such as administration, security, internationalization, and installation.

Didier Mazoué works for SAP as a member of the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform team, where he is the product owner for the semantic layer.

Pierpaolo Vezzosi has worked with the SAP BusinessObjects BI toolset since 2000, with focus on the semantic layer and the Information Design Tool.

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