The authors of »Creating Dashboards with SAP BusinessObjects«

Ray Li

Photo of Ray Li
Ray Li is a passionate business intelligence professional currently working for Lodestone Management Consultants, providing BI consulting services in the retail, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and insurance industries. He previously worked for SAP BusinessObjects as a software engineer where he developed the integration kit for SAP Solutions and designed and delivered dashboards in several projects. In his spare time he enjoys music and badminton.

Evan DeLodder

Photo of Evan DeLodder
Evan DeLodder is a software engineer focused on applying cutting-edge technologies in the business intelligence and data visualization space. Evan has led the development and implementation of numerous business intelligence software products and applications and continues to innovate and apply new ideas that compliment the SAP Business Intelligence platform. Evan is an SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards SDK guru on the popular website, an SAP author, and a frequent contributor to the growing SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards development community.
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