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John Jordan

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John Jordan has been an SAP consultant, specializing in the SAP Financials and Controlling area for several years. He’s the author of the SAP PRESS books Production Variance Analysis for SAP Controlling and Product Cost Controlling with SAP. He’s written several articles for the SCM Expert and Financials Expert newsletters and has presented at WIS conferences.
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  • Cover of Production Variance Analysis in SAP Controlling

    Production Variance Analysis in SAP Controlling

    John Jordan

    292 pages, hardcover

    Whether you’re an end user, manager, or consultant, this is your ultimate resource to the variance analysis cycle. This book focuses on the processes and reports that assist with all phases of the Controlling process. You’ll learn concepts on a More about the book



    • Master production variance analysis in Controlling (CO) with SAP
    • Reveal breakdown points in your company's performance and explore how these processes can be improved
    • Learn how to make production processes more efficient to positively impact your bottom line
    • Second edition, updated and revised
  • Cover of Product Cost Controlling with SAP

    Product Cost Controlling with SAP

    John Jordan

    700 pages, hardcover

    Looking for a comprehensive guide to product costing in SAP (SAP CO-PC)? With this best-seller, you’ll begin with a breakdown of how to manage master data and configure settings in SAP CO. Next, you’ll learn the nitty-gritty details of integrated More about the book

    from $79.99


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    • Walk through product cost controlling from end to end
    • Master integrated planning, product cost planning, cost object controlling, reporting, and more
    • Use SAP HANA to reduce long run times during month-end processing and streamline controlling processes