The authors of »Configuring Sales and Distribution in SAP ERP«

Ricardo Lopez

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20-year SAP veteran Ricardo Lopez is a PMP project manager with an SD certification from SAP America. As a senior manager with a solid background coordinating and managing major OTC projects and devising plans and schedules, Ricardo has two decades of consulting experience directing implementations of SAP applications such as Sales and Distribution, SAP FSCM/Biller Direct, Credit and Dispute Management, and SAP Fiori. He has participated in more than 20 full go-live cycles, and 20 template roll-outs around the globe. Ricardo currently lives in the New York City area, where he is the IT director at Wiley & Sons.

Ashish Mohapatra

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Ashish Mohapatra has worked with SAP software for 15 years. As team leader and assistant project manager for implementation projects, he has developed a thorough understanding of the Sales and Distribution functionality in SAP ERP and implementation and configuration pain points. As head of the business process department, Ashish expanded his knowledge of other SAP software, including Materials Management, Financials and Accounting, Production Planning, and Quality Management. Ashish is an SAP SD Certified Consultant and a management graduate from the Indian Institute of Management. Ahmedabad.
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  • Cover of Sales and Distribution in SAP ERP: Business User Guide

    Sales and Distribution in SAP ERP: Business User Guide

    Matt Chudy, Luis Castedo, Ricardo Lopez

    518 pages, hardcover

    Get the most out of SAP ERP for your essential operations in Sales and Distribution. Creating a sales order? Inquiries and quotations? Outbound deliveries? Find the step-by-step instructions you need for sales, shipping, transportation, and billing with this business user More about the book

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    E-book | Print edition | Bundle
    • Master the key sales and distribution functions and tasks
    • Use SD in your daily processes: sales, shipping and transportation, billing, and more
    • Troubleshoot common problems and pitfalls
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    Introducing Credit Management with SAP S/4HANA

    Ashish Mohapatra

    88 pages

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    • Explore automatic credit control and credit decisions
    • Review available credit reports and SAP Fiori applications
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    Configuring Batch Management in SAP S/4HANA

    Ashish Mohapatra

    114 pages

    Managing your batch records is a key part of manufacturing, distribution, and sales. With this E-Bite, learn how to configure batch management in SAP S/4HANA. Get started with batch master data, and then set up new batch creation, step by More about the book



    • Set up batch management for production, sales, warehousing, and more
    • Configure SAP S/4HANA master data for batch management
    • Dive into batch creation, batch determination, and special cases