The author of »Configuring and Executing an Inventory Plan with SAP IBP«

Atul Bhandari

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Atul Bhandari is the senior director of predictive supply chain analytics at SAP and product owner for SAP Integrated Business Planning for inventory. He has more than a decade of experience in helping companies adopt inventory optimization and demand-sensing capabilities. He has trained expert users, super users, planners, supply chain analysts, and consultants on the fundamentals of inventory planning and hands-on exercises. He acts as the SAP liaison for the SAP User Group for Inventory and Service Optimization. He has a PhD in operations research from Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University.


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    Inventory Planning and Optimization with SAP IBP

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    How much inventory is ideal? From setting service target levels and lead times to managing demand variability, learn to calculate and plan the best way to handle your inventory. Configure SAP Integrated Business Planning for inventory and model your supply More about the book

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    • Set up and use SAP IBP for inventory
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    • Measure inventory performance and analyze your results