The authors of »Clean ABAP«

Klaus Haeuptle

Klaus Haeuptle is a developer and trainer for engineering topics. During his career at SAP he has worked as a developer on several products based on various technologies. Additionally, he facilitates communities across SAP with the intention of sharing knowledge and improving practices and tools. He has influenced testing improvements for ABAP, SAP HANA, and SAPUI5. Together with Florian Hoffmann, he wrote an internal Clean ABAP guide, which was later was published externally as an open source project and is the foundation for this book.

Florian Hoffmann

Florian Hoffmann is a software architect for governance, risk, and compliance applications at SAP. As an agile driver, he is constantly trying to make writing code more efficient. Together with Klaus Haeuptle, he started the Clean ABAP open source style guide that complements this book.

Rodrigo Jordao

Rodrigo Jordão is a development architect at SAP currently working on supply chain management and related solutions. He has spent his SAP career working on various SAP products, from industry-specific solutions like intellectual property management to foundational products like sales and distribution. Prior to joining SAP, he worked as a web developer with Perl and Java and as a consultant with Microsoft technologies.

Michel Martin

Michel Martin is a development architect at SAP He has played various roles during his SAP career, including leading trainings, managing projects, and coaching teams on ASE, lean principals, and scrum. He has a strong technical background and is constantly looking for new ways to improve team efficiency and quality focus, from using technology and tools to adopting lean processes.

Anagha Ravinarayan

Anagha Ravinarayan is a developer at SAP Labs India, currently working on SAP S/4HANA application development in the capacity planning and demand-driven replenishment product areas. She started her career as a full-stack developer of SAP S/4HANA procurement applications.

Kai Westerholz

Kai Westerholz is a senior developer working in the SAP S/4HANA quote-to-cash area, with a focus on architecture and integration. Previously, he worked as an integration consultant, specializing in the integration of SAP Cloud for Customer with SAP ERP using SAP Cloud Platform Integration.
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