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Carsten Hilker

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Carsten Hilker is the global solution owner for Central Finance. He is the emcee and host of the annual SAP Financial Excellence Forum, an annual event for SAP customers to network and interact with domain experts and thought leaders in finance and management accounting. Carsten has been working in the field of financial and management accounting for more than 20 years in various roles including development, consulting, and product management. His past and current professional affiliations include ASUG, IMA, CAM-I, the Resource Consumption Accounting Institute (RCA-I), Society of Cost Management (SCM), and the International Controller Association (ICV).

Javaid Awan

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Javaid Awan the global solution owner for Central Finance and is a qualified accountant with 25 years hands-on experience in software applications. He has held roles as a member of IT leadership teams, CIO, transformation director, DevOps director, chief architect, and head of shared services, and he has led large-scale delivery for major transformations globally. Javaid has worked in finance, treasury, sales, HR, procurement, supply chain, and analytics in the consumer goods, life sciences, oil and gas, telecoms, media, manufacturing, and public sector industries.

Julien Delvat

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Julien Delvat is responsible for managing TruQua’s SAP S/4HANA practice and solution portfolio while providing clients with industry guidance, roadmap strategies, implementation insights, and best practices for their financial transformation and optimization journeys with SAP S/4HANA, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, and Central Finance. Julien has more than 16 years of experience delivering innovative SAP solutions for organizations across the globe for industries such as consumer products, automotive, and high-tech. Julien is well-known in the SAP world as an SAP Mentor, blogger, speaker, volunteer, and panelist at industry conferences. He has worked with a variety of companies guiding them through the enterprise digitization process, empowering knowledge workers, modernizing IT infrastructure, teaching the workforce how to utilize their data, and providing superior user experiences.
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