The authors of »BRFplus Output Type Management in SAP S/4HANA«

Michal Krawczyk

Michal Krawczyk is a freelance SAP integration consultant with int4. He is recognized as one of the leading SAP integration experts with than 140 articles and blogs on SAP Community, in addition to regularly speaking at SAP events on SAP PO/PI and SAP AIF. He became an SAP Mentor in 2007 and has won the top contributor/topic leader award from SAP Community in SAP PO/PI many times.

Krzysztof Łuka

Krzysztof Łuka is a freelance SAP integration consultant with int4. He has more than 8 years of experience with SAP and over 10 years in the IT field. As an expert in system integration topics, Krzysztof has worked on many international implementation projects as a developer and integration consultant.

Michal Michalski

Michal Michalski is a freelance SAP integration consultant with int4. He has engaged in long term, international integration projects as an expert integration consultant, team leader, and project manager. Michal works with cutting edge technologies exploring SAP HANA, SAP Cloud Platform Integration, and SAP AIF.

    Current titles

  • Cover of Serializing Interfaces in SAP AIF
    Serializing Interfaces in SAP AIF

    Michal Krawczyk, Krzysztof Łuka, Michal Michalski

    65 pages

    The serialization of interfaces is a task that occurs in all interface technologies, including SAP AIF, the application integration framework. Discover how to serialize your processes in SAP AIF with this go-to E-Bite! Learn the four methods for interface serialization More about the book



    • Explore your serialization options in SAP Application Integration Framework
    • Get step-by-step instructions on configuring the four types of serialization
    • Monitor and troubleshoot to keep your interfaces working properly

  • Cover of Interface Monitoring and Error Handling with SAP AIF
    Interface Monitoring and Error Handling with SAP AIF

    Wojtek Eichert, Krzysztof Łuka, Mateusz Nowak

    100 pages

    Learn how to handle errors and monitor interfaces with SAP Application Interface Framework in this E-Bite. Master transactions /AIF/ERR and /AIF/IFMON, set up alerts, view reports, create authorizations, and integrate SAP AIF with other SAP monitoring tools. Make sure all More about the book

    approx. $29.99

    coming soon
    Available on 10/23/2018

    • Monitor and troubleshoot interfaces with transactions /AIF/ERR and /AIF/IFMON
    • Set up alerts and authorizations
    • Integrate SAP AIF with other monitoring tools, such as SAP Solution Manager