The authors of »Blockchain«

Tobias Fertig

Prof. Dr. Tobias Fertig has worked as a smart contract developer and researcher since 2015. He has been enthusiastic about Ethereum since its beginning and has taught programming, software engineering, and distributed systems for several years. His lecture about blockchain and smart contracts has been delivered during international teaching weeks all over Europe. Together with Andreas Schütz, he is the founder of Schütz & Fertig GmbH, which focuses on developing and auditing smart contracts. Since 2024, Tobias has been the professor of Blockchain and Secure Decentralized Applications at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (THWS) in Germany.

Andreas Schütz

Andreas Schütz studied computer science and has been enthusiastic about blockchain technology for more than ten years. He provides insights into blockchain technology through lectures, seminars, and online articles, catering to both professionals and laypersons. Together with Tobias Fertig, he has advised companies on how to effectively utilize blockchain technology since 2018. In addition to blockchain activities, Andreas is also involved in information security and currently works as an IT senior consultant in the field of e-government.
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