The authors of »Authorizations in SAP Software: Design and Configuration«

Volker Lehnert

Volker Lehnert has worked for SAP (Switzerland) AG since 2008, where he is a consultant on all topics concerning the authorization system, and continuously returns the authorization system to its core questions: business functions, organizational concepts, and legal requirements. Within this scope, his consulting work focuses on authorization concepts, SAP Access Control, and the processes of User Life Cycle Management. Furthermore, Volker Lehnert is co-author of the data privacy guideline of the German-speaking SAP User Group (DSAG).

Katharina Stelzner

Katharina Stelzner (previously Bonitz) has worked as a technology consultant at SAP Deutschland AG since 2006, where her work focuses on authorization concepts in the CRM environment. She works on national and international projects and regularly holds authorization workshops. She received a degree in engineering from Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, Germany.