Tired of chasing down the answer to that one nagging question that holds up your SAP project? Let the experts help! The new SAP PRESS E-Bites will provide you with a comprehensive, high-quality response to your specific project need. Authored by the top professionals in the SAP universe, E-Bites provide the excellence you know from SAP PRESS, in a digestible electronic format, delivered (and consumed) in a fraction of the time!

  • Stop searching—quickly find the answers you need
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What E-Bites Offer

If you’re looking for detailed instructions on a specific task; or if you need to become familiar with a small, but crucial sub-component of a larger SAP product; or if you want to understand all the hype around product xyz: there is a good chance that SAP PRESS E-Bites have you covered.

Our editors work with our top experts to develop concise, yet detailed information that is easy for you to digest. Or, they find that very information in one of our best-selling books and repurpose it for the E-Bites format.

Oh, and did we mention the price? E-Bites start at $9.99 each, with up to 100 pages of prime content.

New and Upcoming Topics

Intrigued? Well, here’s a taste of some of our E-Bite topics:

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