The authors of »ABAP Objects«

Horst Keller

Dr. Horst Keller has worked at SAP AG for many years. His experience includes managing the documentation and roll-out relating to ABAP and ABAP Objects.

Sascha Krüger

Sascha Krüger has written numerous textbooks and publications on ABAP and IT management. He has also lectured at colleges on this subject for a number of years. He has a degree in computer science and business administration.

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  • Cover of Official ABAP Programming Guidelines
    Official ABAP Programming Guidelines

    Horst Keller, Wolf Hagen Thümmel

    398 pages, hardcover

    How do I select the appropriate program type in SAP programming? Where should the local declarations of a procedure be positioned? Am I supposed to immediately replace all obsolete language elements in existing code? Should I use procedural or object-oriented More about the book



    • The definitive SAP rules for ABAP development
    • Detailed examples of good and bad programming style
    • With numerous recommendations for everyday programming

  • Cover of The Official ABAP Reference
    The Official ABAP Reference

    Horst Keller

    1677 pages, hardcover with DVD 5

    Get to know ABAP in all its intricacy and detail with this, your comprehensive reference for all ABAP statements. Each chapter discusses the relevant keywords for the topic at hand, and begins with an introduction that explains the essential concepts, More about the book

    from $89.99


    E-book | Print edition | Bundle
    • Explore comprehensive explanations of all ABAP statements
    • Expand your knowledge with new information on extended expression handling, pragmas, introduction to internal tables, and database streaming
    • The latest edition of the best-selling, one-stop official ABAP reference, authorized by SAP