The authors of »SAP HANA«

Bjarne Berg

Dr. Bjarne Berg is VP of ComeritLabs and has implemented in-memory solutions for SAP analytics in Europe and in the USA. In addition to his SAP HANA work at ComeritLabs, he has also collaborated with IBM at the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina with testing, development, and benchmarking SAP BW on SAP HANA solutions. In the past, he has implemented in-memory systems for Fortune 500 companies, and has managed over 50 SAP NetWeaver performance tuning engagements for large organizations. He is a frequent speaker at SAP conferences and also teaches in the SAP University Alliance.

Penny Silvia

Penny Silvia is the SAP analytics and HANA leader for IBM's Global SAP iCoC. She has extensive experience in implementing advanced and in-memory analytic solutions for SAP customers. She works closely with clients to help them understand and develop SAP HANA roadmaps, strategies, and implementation plans, as well as identifying data and analytic needs that can benefit from an in-memory solution. She is a frequent speaker at SAP conferences and is on the Advisory Board for multiple SAP publications.

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    An Introduction

    Penny Silvia, Rob Frye, Bjarne Berg

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    What does SAP HANA mean for you? This book is your introduction to all the essentials: from implementation options to the basics of data modeling and administration. With cutting-edge coverage of SAP HANA smart data access, SAP HANA Vora, and More about the book

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    • Explore SAP HANA in all its forms: as a database, application platform, and driver for SAP S/4HANA
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