The author of »SAP S/4HANA Migration: Selective Data Transition«

Akash Kumar

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Akash Kumar is an IT consultant at HCL Technologies. He has more than twelve years of experience as an SAP consultant, trainer, and author. He is the author of Building and Extending SAP HANA Live Views and PlanViz: Improving SAP HANA Performance from SAP PRESS.

Current titles

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    PlanViz: Improving SAP HANA Performance

    Akash Kumar

    75 pages

    Performance issues slowing you down? Get your SAP HANA system up to speed with this E-Bite on PlanViz! Discover how to utilize PlanViz to retrieve information on the runtime of specific queries and pinpoint bottlenecks in your system for data More about the book



    • Understand how the different SAP HANA engines affect performance
    • Learn to use PlanViz features: performance trace, statement statistic, and more
    • See a real-life example of PlanViz in action