Where is my account?

Welcome to the new and improved SAP PRESS website! We’re sure you have questions, such as: “Why can’t I log into my old account?” or “How do I create a new account, and can I add my previously purchased e-books to it?”

Well, we have answers for you! As of July 1, 2014 Rheinwerk Publishing and its SAP PRESS imprint has parted ways with its former distribution partner, Wellesley Information Services (WIS), a third-party company. Your old SAP PRESS account was created on WIS’ systems, and as result of the change, all e-book accounts from the old website were discontinued.

This is annoying, we know.

But we think we can help. Here are two simple steps to get your account back (and more!):

  1. Create a new e-book account on www.sap-press.com.
  2. Activate the SAP PRESS e-books you already own, and add them to your new Library.

Create new account:

Click “Register” in the site header. Enter the required contact information and click “Register” again.

Please note: When creating an account, you commit to accurately entering your contact information (name, e-mail address, mailing address). Please read our Terms of Use for digital products for more information.

Add an e-book to your Library:

Once your account is created, add your e-books to your library:
For past e-book purchases (prior to July 1st):

  1. Open your downloaded e-books from where you have saved them.
  2. Go to the bottom of the “Notes on Usage” page (typically page 5) in your downloaded e-book, and copy the “Copy No.”
  3. Log in to your new sap-press.com account and click “Library“ in the site header.
  4. Paste the “Copy No.” into the “Enter License Key” box and click “Add E-Book.”
  5. Your e-book will now appear in your Library.
  6. Follow these instructions again for all of your e-book uploads.

For new e-book purchases (after July 1st):

  1. Upon completion of the checkout process, you’ll receive an activation link via e-mail. Click “Activate E-Book” or copy the license key and paste it into the “Enter License Key” box in the Library.
  2. Subsequently, you will have to log in to your library using your e-mail address and password. There, you’ll find your e-book ready for download and/or online reading.

If you have any trouble creating a new account or uploading e-books into your account, please contact support@rheinwerk-publishing.com.